The Simulator

One of the unique aspects of our Fearless Flying Course is the inclusion of flight simulator time to teach about the mechanics and procedures of modern aircraft flight.

Why we use a full motion simulator

One of the unique features of our Fearless Flying course is that we use a full motion flight simulator as part of the treatment process. The simulator is a state of the art machine and offers several benefits over the traditional classroom based courses:

1. Exposure therapy: Flight simulators provide a controlled and safe environment for individuals to gradually expose themselves to the fear-inducing stimuli associated with flying. This exposure can help desensitize and reduce anxiety over time.

2. Realistic experience: Full motion flight simulators replicate the sensations and movements of an actual aircraft, providing a highly realistic experience. This can help individuals become familiar with the physical sensations of flying and reduce the fear of the unknown.

3. Cognitive restructuring: Flight simulators allow therapists to guide individuals through cognitive restructuring techniques, helping them challenge and reframe negative thoughts and beliefs associated with flying. This can lead to a more positive and rational mindset towards flying.

4. Skill development: Simulators offer an opportunity to learn and practice coping strategies, relaxation techniques, and other skills to manage anxiety during flights. Individuals can gain confidence and develop effective strategies to deal with their fear.

5. Gradual exposure: Flight simulators allow for a gradual and controlled exposure to different flight scenarios, starting with less challenging situations and progressing towards more difficult ones. This step-by-step approach helps individuals build confidence and resilience. 

6. Cost-effective: Compared to actual flights, using a flight simulator can be a more cost-effective option for fear of flying treatment. It eliminates the need for booking flights and associated expenses while still providing a realistic experience.

flight simulator motion platform