Over the years Andy has helped over 200 people from all different backgrounds overcome their fear of flying. Here are some kind words from just a few of them.

Andy talked through my worries and fears and then let me experience the fantastic flight simulator. I learnt everything they do on everyday flights, all the noises, bumps and even turbulence which is my biggest fear. I got to take off, fly and land the plane which really helped me understand what goes on. Because I began to understand it all, I felt more in control. This is a unique course as it is one-to-one basis rather than lots of people sat in a classroom. Afterwards I felt so much better about flying and I’m not dreading my upcoming flight anymore.

Miss Nina B

I contacted Andy on the day that I was supposed to be on a flight to Tenerife but due to my horrendous fear of flying I just couldn’t do it. Booked a course for a few days later and it is honestly the best thing I have ever done!

My fear was so bad I couldn’t leave the house and had panic attacks days before I was due to fly, so I was a little sceptical as to how this would help me. However, I am amazed at how different I now feel. I am looking into booking a flight to Tenerife very soon and I am actually looking forward to that which is pretty amazing!


I would like to say thank you so much for your time with me. I am now in Wellington, New Zealand having flown to Singapore then Christchurch. I had no fear at all! Amazing! I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the flight, it was quite claustrophobic but the fear of being in the air had gone. Thank you again. The world is now my oyster!

Mrs J B

Huge thanks to Andy for an amazing day and for a truly unique, one-to-one experience. The most surprising part for me (being quite reticent) was that before long I was talking about emotions that I had hidden for years! Andy did much more than just listen, he helped me to understand the source of my fears better and how these can then be addressed. He then used this to develop coping mechanisms tailored to my needs.


I was not afraid to say that I was afraid of flying, a fear that had got worse over the years and stopped me from looking forward to my holidays. After a wonderful afternoon with Andy, I now feel a confidence that I have never had before. Armed with the knowledge of how and what makes a plane tick and actually getting to take over the controls, I feel far better equipped to laugh in the face of my anxiety. Thank you to Capt. Andy for this afternoon.

Emily Kaye